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Naturally, our team here at RTM had to give it a try.

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But just as quickly as it happened, it was instantly taken away when pooch Scrappie bites the fawn's leg. View Now "The Lion King" celebrated its 20th birthday on Broadway this past weekend. #Take Dat pic.twitter.com/g Ar AXusyg G View Now Makeup can do incredible things.

Audience members that night were treated with an extra special performance of "The Circle of Life" by Sir Elton John. Instead, the singer wants to be known as Brother Love or Love. With enough time and tons of makeup, Hollywood can turn normal people into aliens, apes, or even other people.

He's a spokesman for the brand, but we still think it's very well done. Not only that, the two are both dressed up and ready to celebrate Halloween. View Now There's never a shortage of animals that need rescuing like Stewie.

The senior dog's family had left him behind a year ago, and Stewie became homeless, sticking by his old home and hoping his family would come back.

View Now When momma is pregnant and has a wish, it's best to honor that... The Mc Clure twins and daddy Justin are surprising mommy with a special dinner. This must be what a regular Mc Clure family outing is like and it's adorably funny.

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