Dating an unattractive girl

I hate it when girls preach female equality and rights (which I’m a big advocate of may I add) and then thrust a stereotype onto the guys they date.

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I instantly lose interest if I feel like I’m having to force every conversation. ” 10) “Overuse of fake tan, excessive amounts of make up, lack of ambition career wise, bitching, bad table manners, a lack of hobbies/interests is unattractive, lack of interesting conversation.” 11) “Women who think it’s ok to be on the toilet while you’re in the bath.” 12) “Uncleanliness and manliness – I like girls to be girly if that makes sense!

Whilst this may seem like they really aren’t interested in me, which of course happens a lot, I’ve had a few people do this and then be confused why I fall off the face of the Earth and don’t want to see them again. ” 13) “For me the most unattractive things in a female are laziness, fakeness and expectations.

Women that wear massive heels but can’t walk in them and look awkward.

Not to mention needing a ladder to look them in the eye despite being over 6 foot myself.

Women with ambition usually have more to talk about and are therefore more interesting and exciting.

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