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Prior to skyrocketing in Instagram followers and famously dating Nick Jonas, Culpo was known in the Ocean State as Miss Rhode Island 2012.That same year, she went on to win Miss USA and eventually Miss Universe, becoming the first American contestant to win the worldwide title in 15 years.Throughout, North Korea has threatened to conduct a sixth nuclear test 'whenever and wherever' it choses - a move that would likely promp pre-emptive strikes by Trump and may trigger a war.

Pictured: Mr Song's painting of Kim Jong-un dressed in the American stars and stripes.

Mr Song turned his back on the regime after his mother and sister starved to death in North Korea's famine in the 90s, while his father drowned trying to forage for food During that time Mr Song also watched his father drown after the pair went across the Chinese border to forage for food and the older man fell into a river.

He is now known for his dissident art (right), including a painting of Kim Jong-un as Marilyn Monroe Mr Song said the Kim regime will never give up power without a fight because officials are fearful of what people will do once they find out they have been lied to their entire lives.

But he said that the internet is already changing some people's perceptions inside the isolated nation, and making them realise that the world outside North Korea is not as bad as they have been told.

In the event of a conflict, he believes that many 'ordinary citizens' would refuse to fight for Kim Jong-un because 'they want democracy.'For Mr Song, it was the experience of watching members of his family starve to death during the great famine in the 1990s that convinced him to defect.

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