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You can get the stream's progress monitor with a call to After you see a progress bar and a progress monitor in action, Deciding Whether to Use a Progress Bar or a Progress Monitor can help you figure out which is appropriate for your application.

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ignore Dup Responses="true" does not cancel the request while it is processed on the server, but just allows to avoid unnecessary updates on the client side if the response isn't actual now True means, that the default Action Listener should be executed immediately (i.e.

during Apply Request Values phase of the request processing lifecycle), rather than waiting until the Invoke Application phase If "true", then of all AJAX-rendered on the page components only those will be updated, which ID's are passed to the "re Render" attribute of the describable component.

One way of indicating work, and perhaps the amount of progress, is to use an animated image.

Another way of indicating work is to set the wait cursor, using the Sometimes you can't immediately determine the length of a long-running task, or the task might stay stuck at the same state of completion for a long time.

A progress bar that displays a string is likely to be taller than one that doesn't, and, as the demo designers, we've arbitarily decided that this progress bar should display a string only when it's in the default, determinate mode.

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