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One of the many questions we had for her was: How will the nude, innocent, hybrid human race known as the Crakers — who have certain body parts genetically engineered to turn blue and who engage in group sex when they are in heat — translate to television? [Laughs] They did it to make money, and nobody paid any attention to those things. People might come to Comic-Con dressed as characters from Madd Addam — or possibly undressed, if they attend as Crakers ...

While Atwood didn’t have all the answers to our questions (yet), she was game to chat about the early stages of the HBO show, the appeal of postapocalyptic books, and how to commit the perfect murder. When I was working at Harvard, I was doing a thesis on a certain kind of fantasy literature in the 19th century, so I researched it quite a bit, and I looked for it in the States, and the only kinds of places where you could find it were in weird tales. He existed at first as a pulp-fiction installment character in the ’30s, but far below the radar of anyone in the literary community. And if it was turned into a movie in the ’50s and ’60s, they were made on very low budgets. So the zombies that we have with us today, the difference came with Night of the Living Dead, which was essentially a bunch of kids making a schlocky movie for about a dollar [laughs], but it’s actually a very good film! Now that your book trilogy is being turned into an HBO show, you might get to see the Comic-Con experience first-hand. That is a question that has occurred to me as well! When they first announced the show, I immediately thought, How indeed?!

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