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Positive thought: There are plenty of human beings with manners who would never ghost, and opt to send a "no thank you to dating anymore" text instead.

There are more still who would meet in person to — gasp — end things like adults.

Later, after partaking in significantly less conversations than I had on Tinder or its competitors, I was told that “no one really used Raya to date, but to get more Instagram followers.” In this context, where everyone’s profile was packed with a series of professional headshots, it made sense.

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Then, bam — a dude who seemed way more into me than I was into him ignored my invite to a concert after more than two months of dating. I was feeling so much so the opposite of special that I told the whole internet about the guy who took my ghosting virginity. Since the behavior itself is not going away anytime soon, it's important to keep your eyes peeled early on for ghost-busting opportunities.

Here are four types of guys who will totally ghost you in your 20s: You meet this guy on Tinder. at a dive bar where everyone else is an estranged Grandpa, leather-clad biker, or some combination of both.

They said this moved things along and, as I had assumed was the case with Raya, prompted better conversation. My outlook was restored by those taking new approaches to meet someone — or the one. I still regard all internet strangers as potential axe murderers, of course, but at least romance isn’t totally dead.

Also, because you put your handle out there for the taking, it welcomes creeping and eliminates that awkward in-person moment where you have to pretend you don’t know every single detail of your date’s Puerto Rican vacation.

Then he cancels on a date right around his birthday last minute, and you never hear from him again. She definitely wished him "happy birthday" and then they got back together. No matter what type of guy does it to you, ghosting is the worst.

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